The North Ross DMG area extends from farm land touching the Cromarty Firth in the south east to Elphin and the Cromalt Hills in the north west and dominated by Ben Wyvis (1046m) Cnoc Damh (588m), Beinn Dearg (1084m) and Seana Bhraigh (906m).

There are 7 Munros within the Group area, as well as many steep sided glens and lochs. The NRDMG area supports the characteristic range of plant communities found in north-west Scotland, dominated by relatively slow growing and unproductive dwarf shrub heath and blanket bog.

The NRDMG area includes a number of conservation designations notably the Beinn Dearg and Ben Wyvis Special Areas of Conservation across which Section 7 Control Agreements are in place.

The underlying geology comprises predominantly metamorphic rock types. In the Elphin area and in a narrow band north of Ullapool limestone with some Torrodinian Sandstone and Basal Quartzite occur. Large masses of granite are present in the Kildermorie and Inchbae areas with some Old Red Sandstone to the east of Strathvaich.

The most commonly occurring soil types are peat, peaty gleys and peaty podzols. Some brown forest soils and humus-iron podzols are found on the lower valley slopes. Blanket peat predominates over upland areas with subalpine and alpine soils at higher altitudes.

The National Forestry Survey of Woodlands indicates that there is about 27,500ha, about 68,000ac, of woodland in the Group area of which about 15,000ha or 37,000ha is coniferous. According to the National Woodland Survey of Scotland about 9,000ha or 22,200 acres is native woodland.