Scale and Ownership
The entire Group area extends to approximately 147,000 hectares.

From Bonar Bridge the boundary extends north west up the Kyle of Sutherland and Strath Oykel and then, by the A837 to Ledmore Junction. Here it turns south west along the A835 to Ullapool and continues in a south easterly direction towards Dingwall, then by the A9 north easterly to Skiach. From Skiach the B9176 is the boundary until the village of Ardross where it turns north west along the length of Strathrusdale and open hill until it joins the Carron valley where it follows the northern public road eastwards until it rejoins the Kyle of Sutherland.

The Group has 22 subscribing members with an open range extending to approximately 117500 ha. Membership includes a number of privately owned properties with varying management objectives together with publicly owned land managed by Forestry Commission Scotland and NatureScot.